Motor B

Motor yachts from category B has a purchase price of approximately EURO 3 million. The yachts in this category often have extra facilities such as Jacuzzi or outdoor kitchen.


The Yacht is 88 – 118 feet


Jetsski, Zondiac and Windsurfing


The Yacht has 4 guest cabins


Room for 8-10 + 4-5 crew


2500 –4000 bhp / 25 – 28 knots


It reaches up to 600 nautical miles


The yachts in this category are selected with focus on high operational reliability, low operating and maintenance costs, consistent construction and large open-air outdoor areas. The yachts are delivered by automakers who deliver the best in this segment of yachts.


The design of the yachts is in pure style and appear international, but with roots in Danish design. Whether the choice falls on a Maiora, San Lorenzo or a Sunseeker, the hull and the outside areas are chosen for the dream vacation to take place in the open air.


The yachts interior is kept in a bright and Scandinavian design to ensure a homely and calm atmosphere on board. The design is kept so simple that it allows investors to include their personal touch. Holmes Interiors is responsible for the interior design.


Generally, all yachts will be equipped at a high level. If the purchased yachts do not have the necessary equipment, they will be upgraded during the purchase process. It will be possible to upgrade the yachts further.

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